Danceworx Studios has been steadily growing since opening its doors in 1999.

At Danceworx, we offer a range of dance styles, from traditional ballet to jazz to modern, in all age ranges. Our experienced instructors are there to guide your child every step of the way.

Our Faculty


Denise Vokey, A.I.S.T.D., A.C.D.T.A.

Owner/Artistic Director

At the age of three, Denise started developing her love for dance. She continued her training, and decided after graduating high school she wanted a career as a dance instructor. With a strong interest, energy and dedication, Denise spent the next three years training at the Judy Knee Dance College in St. John’s.

For two years, Denise taught dance and continued to train in Alberta before returning to Newfoundland in 1999 to open Danceworx Studios. Denise’s qualifications include:

  •  Associate Modern (I.S.T.D.)
  •  Associate Latin American (C.D.T.A.)
  •  Associate Ballroom (C.D.T.A.)
  •  Advanced 2 Modern (I.S.T.D.)
  •  Advanced 1 Tap (I.S.T.D.)
  •  Intermediate National (I.S.T.D)

Denise has also attended teaching workshops at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, National Ballet School in Toronto and the DanceLife Teachers Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. The DanceLife conference went virtual in 2020, but that did not stop Denise from attending! She will attend virtually again in 2021.

Denise is a member of I.D.E.A. (International Dance Entrepreneurs Association.) Through I.D.E.A., and it’s members, she has learned a tremendous amount about teaching and running a dance studio, especially in these pandemic times.

Denise has also taken classes with professional dancers Lacey Schwimmer, Fred Knecht, Peter Sabasino, Lenny Len and Justin Jackson, to name a few.

In addition to her studio training, Denise has choreographed major musical theatre productions, including Fiddler on the Roof, Godspell, South Pacific and Les Miserables. As a performer, Denise has danced in the company of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip during the Matthew Celebrations in June 1997, as well as with Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers.

When Denise doesn’t have her creative juices flowing in the studio creating routines and teaching classes, she is a busy mom of two young children. She lives in Paradise.

Denise is excited about season 22 at Danceworx!



Katie-4Katie O’Leary M.Ed, B.Ed, B.A.

Intensive Program and Production Director

Katie began studying dance at the age of eight, and started dancing with Danceworx a few years later. By 2001, she was assisting Denise with teaching classes. She was named a member of the teaching staff in 2008, and has been a big part of Danceworx since. Katie heads up performing groups, and has earned much recognition for her creative and unique choreography.

In 2013, Katie spearheaded a performance called “Wild Animals”, which earned her senior girls jazz group the right to compete at the Dance World Cup in Montreal. The routine was presented at various events, including the 2012 Newfoundland and Labrador Summer Games opening ceremony and the 2013 Newfoundland and Labrador Cheerleading Association Charity Classic.  Also in 2013, Katie was a Paris Dance Tour Scholarship Winner.

Katie led another senior jazz class to Dance World Cup, this time in 2015 to Whistler, BC. In 2016 her duo entry and a solo were  invited to Dance World Cup in Mont Tremblant, QC.

In 2017 it was back to Whistler for the Youth Performing Group and the Adult Jazz class.  Both classes earned a bronze medal in their categories. The adult jazz class had another appearance and bronze medal win at Dance World Cup in Mont Tremblant, QC in 2018.

In 2019, Katie travelled to Atlantic City, NJ for the DanceLife Teachers Conference and has successfully implemented our Hip Hop program. The conference went virtual in 2020 and she will be attending virtually again in 2021.




M-LakeshiaLakeisha Rowe 

Special Events Director

Lakeisha is the youngest instructor at Danceworx, but her talent for teaching is second to none. At the age of 10, she joined Danceworx, and became a teaching assistant while attending high school. Lakeisha is very active in the arts community. A triple threat, she has taken part in dance, drama and musical performances.

With her dedication, determination, she has earned distinctions for her dancing, including earning the Paris Dance Tour Scholarship for each of the three years 5678 Showtime has been in Newfoundland. She also attended Paris Dance Tour in 2013.

Lakeisha has attained her Intermediate Modern exam and is a live 1 Acrobatic Arts Instructor. She attended the DanceLife Teachers Conference in Atlantic City, NJ in 2019 and virtual conference in 2020 and soon 2021. She is busy and excited about all the new training opportunities.

Lakeisha has graduated as a level 2 ECE and works with children in many different settings.


Jo-Annah Yetman

Costume Director

Another Danceworx alumni, Jo-Annah joined our teaching staff in 2016. Jo-Annah was a student at Danceworx for 9 years, studying tap, jazz, ballet and modern. She was a member of the Performing Group as well as a teacher assistant. Jo-Annah is a level 1 Acrobatic Arts instructor and enjoys teaching Acro classes!

Another triple-threat performer, Jo-Annah appeared in Gussied Up Productions “Annie” and ‘The Sound of Music”. With extensive work backstage as Production Assistant, Stage Manager, Choreographer and Prop Master, Jo-Annah is well versed in the theatre arts. Jo-Annah’s most recent theatre credit is that of choreographer for the Sarah’s Stars production of Beauty and the Beast Jr.

Jo-Annah attended the DanceLife Teacher Conference in Atlantic City, NJ in 2019 and the virtual conference in 2020 and soon 2021!

Jo-Annah is very excited to be back with her students! They love her enthusiasm, as do we!